F.A.Q.'s - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What types of music do you play?

A: Short answer is EVERYTHING!  The long answer is I have music from the current hits of today back through the 1940's.  Pop, Rock, Country, Oldies and much more.  My digital library contains over 30,000 songs and is ever expanding.  If you want a little of everything played at your event, that's my speciality.  I love events where I can play a little of everything for the crowd.  However, we have a massive library and can play whatever type of music that you like! 


Q: How do you dress?

A: For weddings and formal events, I will wear a dark suit and tie.  For less formal events, it would depend on your event.  I will discuss with the client what is most appropriate.  Usually, it ranges from kachi slacks and a short sleeve polo type to a hawaiian shirt and shorts for very casual summer events.  I will always dress professionally either way.


Q: What type of equipment do you use and what does it look like when you set-up at my event location?

A:  All professional equipment is set-up in a clean and low profile manner. 

I require a 6 ft. skirted banquet style table, within 6 feet of a power outlet.  I keep cables, wires, cords and such tucked away hidden, whenever possible.


Q: Do you offer party/dance lighting?

A: Yes.  I have several lighting options available.  I use LED sound activated lighting.  Additional sound activated lighting options are available as well as part of a larger dance lighting set-up. Uplighting is available at an additional charge.  A smoke machine is also available (if your venue permits use).  You can opt not to have dance lighting if you wish.


Q: What do you charge?

A:  My rates are competitive with those DJ's in the area that have comparable experience, equipment and professionalism.  Call me or use the Quick Quote feature on the home page for a personalized price quote for your specific event.  I typically arrive about and hour prior to my contracted start time and set-up.  There is no additional charge for set-up and breakdown of equipment. 


Q:  What do you need for a security deposit? 

A: A security deposit of 50% of the total price is due with a signed contract.  The remaining balance is due in full 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event by cash or check.   You may choose to wait until the day of your event, but at that point the balance in full will be due in cash only prior to DJ performance.  Any overtime added on the day of the event is due in cash.


Q: Do you accept credit cards?

A: Yes.


Q: Who exactly will be my DJ and will I get to meet them?

A:  Your DJ will be Shawn Knott.  You will have unlimited in-person meeting and phone consultation and planning time with me.  I realize, most clients have an idea of what they want,  but simply are looking for guidance and ideas on how to make their event awesome.  I will utilize my 20+ years of experience to create the wedding day you've always dreamed of.   


Q:  Do you provide back-up equipment?

A:  Yes


Q:  Do you provide a back-up DJ in case of emergency?

A:  Yes


Q: Can't I just use my iPod or get my friend to DJ for my special event instead of going to all the hassle and cost of hiring a DJ?

A:  No!   There is no substitute for a professional disc jockey when it comes to a wedding ceremony and/or reception.   As the Master of Ceremonies, I perform many jobs that may not be obvious to everyone in attendance.  However, these behind the scenes responsibilities that I perform are absolutely critical to the success of your event. I establish and maintain open communication with the bride and groom, bridal party, caterer, photographer, venue manager, event coordinator and ensure proper timing and pacing of the events and music cueing.  As your DJ, I work with all of them to ensure everything runs smoothly.  Not every DJ is willing or even able to do this, but with over 20 years experience DJ'ing weddings, I am.   Also, even the best planned wedding day will experience unexpected surprises and challenges to handle and overcome on the day of.   I can handle last minute changes during your event and can work under pressure handling those unexpected "emergencies" with style and grace.  I read the crowd at your event to pick up on subtle cues for music selection--playing the right song at the right time. I have the ability to choose songs to motivate your guests and the speed and flexibility to change music genres at a moments notice to keep the crowd going. I also offer 100% top of the line sound and lighting equipment. All things considered, it is worth it in the end to hire a professional.


Q: Are you a self promoting, loud mouth, look-at-me, corny DJ?

A: No.  However,  I will keep things lively and fun and your guests--they WILL have a great time.  I am there for YOU and your guests.  I will play awesome music, get the dance floor packed and they will not want the music to stop.   


Q: Do you have references?

A:  Yes.  As you might imagine, I have hundreds of satisfied customers over the years. I have included some of the more recent quotes from past customers in the Testimonials... section for you to read.  These are real (and I didn't even have to pay the people to say these incredibily nice things about me. LOL).   I also have some that have agreed to speak with you should you want to speak with previous satisfied customers.


Q:  Will you take song requests?

A:  Yes.  If you wish for me not to accept requests from guests at your event, that is ok as well.  Most clients provide a list of songs that they like and want me to play some, while I mix in proven party favorites from my experience.  Some clients have picked out almost every song to play and then on the other end of the spectrum, I have had some that just say 'I'm not good with music, you handle it!"  

There is no right or wrong approach.  What ever you feel most comfortable with is fine with me, but I will always offer my professional advice to ensure total success!  I do not create a playlist and simply push "play".  I am not a jukebox and I have never, ever played the same exact music at any two events ever.  That is what is so amazing about each event.  Each one is different and requires that I "read" the crowd and play music to motivate them.  I also have to anticipate music to play and be able to change music on a dime if the situation warrants.  Many events require a nice mix of old and new songs that cater to guests ages 9 to 99.  If you have specific needs that are not as I've described, please ask me and I can cater to your needs to make your event just like you want it.


Q: Do you travel outside of the St. Mary's, Calvert and Charles County area? 

A:  Yes.  I travel all over the MD/DC/VA area.  If your event is outside this area, we can discuss.


Q:  Can you please tell me about yourself?

A:  I'm Shawn Knott, the owner and DJ of Bayside Sounds.  DJ'ing is something I love doing. 

I am also a sports fan.  Go University of Maryland Terps, Baltimore Orioles

and the Philadelphia Eagles.  To find out a little more about me, see below...


Here's a question for you! 

Q:  Which of the following is/are true about Shawn Knott?
Pitched for the Baltimore Orioles in their farm system 

b. Co-authored the book "Memories of Sotterley"

c. Once benched pressed 365 lbs.

d. Is a Physical Education teacher in his day job

e. Has a B.S. in Physical Education, B.A. in Sociology,  and is finishing up his Master's in Education degree

f.  All of the above.


Scroll down for the answer

































Answer:  f

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